What brought you to a libertarian way of thinking?

Actually, it was the final destination in a fifty-year trajectory from lunch-pail Democrat to free-market Conservative Republican to freedom-loving Libertarian. Looking back, the trajectory is completely logical and understandable in human terms. Knowing me, it is hard to imagine that I could have done it any other way.

Why did you choose to become a member of the Libertarian Party?

Well, I was teaching a course on “Administrative Law” for the umpty-umpth time. I finally came to appreciate that the “Fourth Branch of Government” (the administrative agencies) had metastasized over time into something the Founding Fathers simply would not be able to recognize. The whole system was essentially out-of-control., and the Democrats and the Republicans were doing nothing about it. Heck, even the courts were showing substantial deference to the bureaucrats. I became a registered Libertarian voter in 2014.

What keeps you involved in the Libertarian Party of Lee County?

Well, fundamental honesty requires that  —  if I’m gonna talk the talk  —  I gotta walk the walk.

How would you describe your personal goals for the LPLC?

For Libertarianism to be appreciated for the healthy, sensible, and vigorous choice that it really is.


Larry Gillis currently serves as LPLC Vice-Chair. Originally from an ethnic neighborhood in the Boston area, he moved to seacoast NH to practice criminal law and to raise his four kids. He has been visiting Florida for the past quarter-century, and has been a resident of Cape Coral since 2008. In his semi-retirement, he has been teaching Legal Studies courses on-line for the past decade for the University of Maryland University College.

February 2, 2017